Arabic language course in Sharjah

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Arabic language course in Sharjah

Arabic language course in Sharjah is a city of United Arab Emirates city. Sharjah city is a more conservative city than any other nearest Arabian city like Dubai and another southern neighbour by their tradition. Sharjah is one of the famous towns, and they always consider the traditional and their nations culture capital. They develop their Emirati customs by restoring museums and homes. Sharjah is one of the famous city who develop itself first than any other neighbour Arabian city because of its heritage area is on the creek. Sharjah is the most populous and third-largest Arabian city in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Arabic language course in Sharjah Did you know? The Emirate of Sharjah is one of the emirates of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). For their culture and their industry, this country becomes a centre of the Arabian country. Sharjah is officially declared as a WHO whole city. In 2014 it was the Islamic cultural capital, and it was also regarded as the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. In the year 2016, Sharjah ranked 68th best city in the whole world to be a university student.

Arabic language in Sharjah

The Arabic language course in Sharjah is an international language. The Arabic language is considered to be the native language of Sharjah, and it is neighbourhood cities.

 Do you know which is the official language of Sharjah?

Most of the people answers that English is their official language. Then what is their official language? Arabic is the only official language of Sharjah and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. But the local people could speak in English, and they understand English widely. And another most spoken language is Hindi and Urdu because in Sharjah there has a significant number of Indian and Pakistani workers.

The theme of learning Arabic in Sharjah

The Arabic language is one of the most common words in Arabian countries. To communicate with the local people in Sharjah, you should know the Arabic language. Yes! They also speak English, but you usually can’t interact with people by English. Like in our country, English is widely spoken by Indians but to interact with local people like a shopkeeper, driver types of people you should speak only in their mother tongue.

What is the theme if you want to learn Arabic in Sharjah?

In the Arabic communication skills course, there was an active vocabulary of over 500 words, and they cover a wide range of every day’s situation. To learners, the beneficial thing is to get participate in the present local useful exercises only use the Arabic language to converse. If you want to do any course for learning the Arabic language, one thing you have to follow that that they must be experienced in teaching in the Arabic language and they must be native Arabic language users. By providing participates with a good knowledge of the language, this course will join in speaking, reading, and writing with a substantial reasonable amount of fluency.

Description of learning Arabic course in Sharjah

The primary thing you have to learn for an Arabic course that is, you must have some knowledge in the alphabets of this language like you must have an idea on vowel and consonants. And you also learn about their numbers. If you started to learn this, you must notice that there is different sound occur with the different Arabic language. You should learn how to pronounce it and then master them.

And the exciting thing is the numbers and dates they use is so unique this is not related to the other language. Now, come to the logical part of the Arabian language. You should pronounce the subject and the object pronouns in the sentence of the Arabian language correctly. Use different adjective for male and female and the others. You should frame the negative sentence correctly, and the interrogative sentence is framing correctly. You could use the dictionary for correcting the vocabulary of the Arabian language.

Objectives and targets of the course

Arabic language course in Sharjah People who live In Sharjah, for them Arabian language is mandatory; otherwise they could not communicate with people. For learning the Arabian language, they should have maintained some targets. Those targets are here.

By improving Arabian conversation skill, reading skills, and writing skills, you can educate yourself to talk in the Arabian language in Sharjah.

 When you meet the native people of the Arabian country, you should talk about yourself by Arabian language. Always maintain these rules that when you introduce with them, you should speaking in an Arabian language only. You should learn how to question and answer people with Arabian language and interaction with the various type of Arabic people and interact with them in Arabian style. Encourage others for useful everyday conversation in the Arabian form. Learn to talk about your family, about yourself and your countries by using the Arabic language.

Why should the Quran read in the Arabic language in Sharjah

As we know, Sharjah is a very traditional and cultural city. They always focus on their Arabian culture at first. To understand Sharjah, I mean to understand Arab and Arabian culture first understand their language. Language means mother tongue represents our country or city like we use Bengali to represent Bengal. But speaking in the Arabian language is not an easy task.

To understand Arabs and their culture, first understand their language, but with many conflicting theories about its origins, this is no easy task. Arabic pre-Islamic poetry is an elegant and precise form of Arabian style. Their god and Prophet-Mohammed revealed the Quran taught them by seven types of readings, says by Muslim scholars. In spoken Arabic, they were the most dominant dialects at that time.


Basically, in Sharjah, Arabian language is the official language and their mother tongue also, so if you are living in its help you to communicate with native people easily. And if you have good knowledge in the Arabic language, then you can easily understand the Quran, which is read in Sharjah, and I swear listening Quran by Arabian language feels so good.