quran recitation for kids & teaching quran for child


Quran For Kids Quran recitation for kids & teaching Quran for child

Quran for kids one to one Quran for Kids online

Quran for kids has experienced teachers of the Quran who can teach Quran to kids. We at Quran for kids have a 24/7 service offering Quran for kids all around the world. Learning the Quran at the comfort of one’s home is a great opportunity. Quran classes are a great benefit for students who cannot go to mosques or join Islamic centers often. If you have a computer or a laptop with an internet connection and a working microphone, you can fulfill the dream of teaching the Quran to your kids. As Muslims, we must connect our kids to the Quran for it is the criterion between truth and falsehood and a source of guidance. Quran for kids is one of our main goals at Al-Bayan as our kids need to be brought up in the company of Quran for it surely heals all ailments of body and soul by the will of Allah.

Benefits of learning the Holy Quran For kids online

One of the biggest advantages of learning the Quran online is that students can grow their connection with the Quran from the comfort of their homes. Quran for kids program at bayan suffices the need to go to Islamic centers for the sole purpose of learning the Quran. Kids who have not studied the basics as alphabet can also learn through Noorani al-Qaida. For parents, the Quran for kids is a great responsibility which those who understand its seriousness which is carried out by great teachers. At Al-bayan, you can easily choose Quran teachers whom you consider to be best for your kid. For female kids, we also have a female Quran teachers/Qaria. We teach Quran with tajweed and rules of intonation because Muslims must be sensitive in giving the recitation of Quran its right. We offer an online Quran for kids at reasonable prices and at times that suit you the best. In online classes, we allow students to interact freely with Qari/Qaria (Quran teacher) to have their questions answered.

Quran for kids is a beautifully structured program that does not only wishes to improve the recitation of the Quran but also wants to instill the beliefs that the Quran commands us to possess. In these challenging times when there is a lot of other activities for kids that are not productive, Quran for kids program at Al-Bayan aims to strengthen the relationship of kids with the Quran so they can reach their best potential in following the commandments of Allah in their lives. At Al-bayan, we offer free three days of demo classes so that you can rate our online Quran for kids’ service. This will make it easier for you to make a decision about learning at Quran for kids

Our online Quran for kids teaching service

Nowadays, it is unfortunate but some parents themselves do not have the proper knowledge to teach their kids the Quran at home. At Al-bayan institute, we encourage them as well to learn the Quran. Some parents, on the other hand, are quite busy with their lives. Whatever the case may be, the significance of learning the Quran can never be neglected? For this reason, our online Quran for kids teaching service at al bayan can fulfill their desire to teach their kids from professional Quran teachers.

To keep the children eager to read the Quran and building up their relationship with the book of Allah is our duty. Once you register your kid for our Quran for kids’ online service, you can rest assured that we will do our utmost and make Quran learning easier for kids. Our tutors for Quran for kids program at al bayan will ensure that your son or daughter listens to the Quran with the correct pronunciation. The kids will be heard by the Qari/Qaria and will correct them to improve their pronunciation and tell them the makhraj which are points of articulation of letters. Our online Quran teachers will be the ears to the kids reading the Quran and would correct them timely and politely in an effective way. Register your children now in the Quran for kids program!!!

Our Program Quran for kids at Al-bayan

Al bayan has taken up the service of ensuring great Quran teachers for kids. Our academy teaches Quran to kids online on skype. Since we offer one to one classes to students, the student gets his own teacher and the kids get the right amount of attention. Our online Quran course includes a course for kids who are beginners and need to start with norani al qaida and then we have nazra courses for students learning the recitation of the Quran. We also offer memorization courses which are hifz of Quran or hifz of selected surahs.

A kid acquiring the fundamental knowledge of the Quran from an early age makes it easy to follow the beautiful teachings of the Holy Quran when he grows up and becomes an adult and this knowledge benefits him throughout his life. With the Quran for kids for programs, parents can monitor their kids and teachers simultaneously without disturbing the class. Parents can arrange classes of the Quran for kids keeping in view their schedules. So, online classes remove any logistical issues, timing issues, and the security concerns some parents might have.

Parents can discuss with teachers about the content the kids are studying and ask about their kid’s progress from time to time. Parents can choose tajweed, translation, or Tafseer of Quran for the kids accordingly.