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Our Mission

We have the mission to serve the Muslims by giving them Online Quran reading and Islamic education without any difficulty.

The Quran is the ultimate Book of Allah that contains the message of the direction from Allah for all mankind. At the end of the day, an accomplishment in this world just as the Hereafter for mankind is cherished in the Quran. Along these lines, it’s our religious commitment to Learn Quran and understand it.

Essentially the Holy Quran is simple Book to read; however new students need excessively help of a Qualified individual who can direct them and can assist in remedying their errors.

Tajweed and its application must be learned with a certified Quran instructor. The tenets themselves can be considered freely, yet the right application and legitimate elocution of the letters in order of the Quran must be done by reading to, reciting to, listening to, and being amended by a certified educator of the Qur’an.

We have great involvement in Quran Tutoring. Students from everywhere throughout the world are learning the Holy Quran Online with us. We have the best educators to learn the Quran online. All educators at the Institute are familiar speakers of English, graduates and more importantly, Huffaaz of the Quran (the individuals who have retained the Holy Quran) and have Ijaza (license) to teach. We have both male and female staff.

Our courses are mainly intended for you and your children. This program shall offer well ordered Quran Learning with the principles of Tajweed and Essential Islamic Learning for youngsters by online Quran Tutors. This all should be possible by merely sitting before a Computer. We have the mission to serve the Muslims by giving them Online Quran classes and Islamic instruction without hardly lifting a finger.

Learn Arabic Online mainly aim to inspire the students to have a strong connection with the holy Quran through its memorization, understanding, and implementation, which results in developing well-rounded future leaders who are guided to follow the center path.

Here at the Learn Arabic Online Institute, we perceive the value and need of well-qualified teachers to guide, advise and give information upon students. We accordingly guarantee all instructors experience a thorough recruitment process before being designated. They should likewise agree to the Institute’s child protection policy and are additionally trained after appointment to guarantee they are equipped to educate at the Institute’s amazingly elevated standards.

We offer classes for sisters and brothers in small, intimate groups so that every student can profit by individual attention from the teachers. The calm and friendly environment these classes offer students the chance not just to enhance their reading and appreciation of the Holy Quran, however, to integrate into the Muslim and non-Muslim people group. Kindly support us in our mission to spread the message of the Holy Quran.

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