Quran learning center in Dubai

Quran learning center

Quran learning centre in Dubai

Quran is the most read book and studied from the stage of adolescents amongst Muslims. It’s the word of Allah as described by Muhammad. The people might not know how to converse in Urdu or Arabic but the craze to learn Quran is worldwide in Islamic culture. In Dubai there are many people away from their natives have a keen interest in learning the Quran. The kids from the very early age of 3 are given the wisdom imparted in the Quran. We have understood the need and have created many centres at 11 major locations in Dubai. Anyone who has an interest can be in touch and learn this holy scripture from our well trained and proficient teachers.

The teachers are well educated with years of experience. They are patient and know the way to teach most efficiently. It is said that learning Quran is said to come out of the dimness of obliviousness and move towards the light of wisdom. We have carefully crafted schedules timed in a way that they give enough time for one to grasp properly. Quran learning is not as easy as it sounds. We have revisions and exams to make sure you are confident in it.

The theme of the course

Quran has 114 topics which cover invaluable revelations by god for humans. It’s sorted when the simple themes widely divide them. Too much information can overwhelm a person. We have figured only if we divide theme wise we can teach effortlessly. Learning in the way of themes will ensure categorizing the learning, summarise it and memorize for good. The theme of the Quran learning is men, women, children, politics, wisdom, and ethics. The Quran learning can sound difficult, but the themes can relax you. Something you know can be easily presented in a manner you will never forget. It will not only help you learn it but also recollected when required to be used or to teach someone.

Many people are giving courses online, but they can be time taking and exhausting. Creating 11 centers across Dubai, we are trying to achieve a good level of learning of this holy book. Instead of just uploading just data and calling it a course we have a feel experience where interactions will fellow learners will strengthen the will and lessons. The themes are related to our daily activities with regular interactions and discussions the understanding will deepen.

Description of the course

Quran learning has never been easy, but it has far more knowledge covering all the zones of life. We have various courses offering as per your available time and interests.

Basic Qaida – The Qaida is the original book to study Arabic. Arabic being the base language aids learning the Quran and understand it well. It is meant for those who do not have Arabic as their native tongue. It’s the staple course globally, in all schools whether they are online or offline.

Quran readings with Tajweed – Tajweed is known as the expressiveness of the Quran. In other words, it can be described beautifully as grammar.  Every language has its specific laws that adjust their use. To understand the Quran, Arabic does have Tajweed. It directs the set of laws that administer standard Arabic.

Memorization of Quran – Memorization of the Quran, it is considered one of the best reverence that a Muslim can realize in his or her life. There is no superior benediction for anyone than to memorize the book of Allah by heart.

Tafseer-e-Quran – Tafseer is the profoundness analysis and explanation of the Quran. The very basic knowledge about history and context is revealed here. The particular verses and the reason why they were revealed. The detailed meaning of the Quran is expressed in this course.

Who should take this course?

There are many benefits if one wants to see in learning the holy books so is the Quran. This book offers many benefits to the reader including the spiritual effect which is very crucial for anyone and everyone. Quran arises the intention of thoughtfulness for the surroundings and brooding over things in the reader. Medical benefits are highlighted as many surahs in the Quran have the cure for many ailments the reader often falls in love when reciting the Quran. The rhythm the rhyme is just so elegant that it invokes a beautiful feeling when memorized and chanted.

It also has some visionary discipline benefits when introduced in childhood. The kids grow as more responsible and virtuous adults. The complete code of life, when reading in an early stage, gives a fair time and events to apply it. Hence help them to become a good human being. The Quran holds the maximum readership. Anyone who is looking for the most beautiful holy book with the words of Allah should take this course. Considering all the benefit as mentioned earlier, this becomes a handy tool to tackle mundane life.

Goals and objectives.

Anyone who is looking for the refuge in the umbrella of Allah should know his words. The goal is to educate the kids about the word of god so that they grow up as wise and brave individuals soon. The ability to apply humanity and aid evolution with wisdom is essential. A holy book aims at social, ethical and political issues. So that people know how to be with the other humans.

As mentioned many times in the Quran reading Quran is like receiving Allah’s blessing. The objective is to overcome any fear or anxiety. It serves as the ray of hope in the face of utter darkness. It heels the broken part of your belief and self as it guides you to the fairway to achieve your success and attain salvation. Remembrance of Allah and reciting the holy book will dismiss the dark thoughts and help you to cling on to the light and remain blessed in the odd situation. As the Quran says the learning and repeating the words of Allah in daily life delivers miracles in the manifold as living and after.