Quran memorisation schools in Dubai

Quran Memorisation Schools in Dubai

Among the world’s top languages, Arabic is undoubtedly making its place, acquiring the 5th position. The growing demand of the language could be related to the fast development of the Arabs with its increasing hands over subjects like technology, science, mathematics, architecture, business, literature, marketing, physics and a lot more, Chiefly the Arabs are making huge profits in top business deals and architecture, with some high buildings in the world. Arabic is the native language for many Arab countries, including Dubai (UAE). The holy scrip book of the Muslim, the Quran is written in the Arabic language only. The problem is that many people are not versed well in this, not even Muslims. The contrast to this part is that Arabic is the official language of the holy book of Islam “Quran” which is like a book having the direct word of the Allah and daily worshipped by the Islam believers. Muslims though pronounce the verses but with a bit of

Revelation: the divine disclosure to mankind

Apart from the differences in their culture, tradition and racial differences (even being at different places) Muslims forms communities based on faith, humanity, and guidance and believe in Allah, their almighty. The Quran was sent to Mohammad about 14oo years ago, written in the Arabic language. The Arabic language thus provides a connection between the diverse Muslim communities in the world. There is a belief among the Muslims that Prophet Muhammad revealed the Quran over a period estimated to be 23 years by the angel Gabriel, who passed on the words of the God. Muhammad began meditating in a cave outside the holy city of Mecca which dates back nearly 1400 years ago soon after he founded Islam and started spreading its teachings using words of the Quran, marking the birth of a new religion. Quran is believed to be the direct sayings of God by people who actively follow the Muslim faith, culture, and tradition. For those who don’t know Arabic, which is the written language of the Quran, translations are being done.

The theme of the course

Muhammad did not compile the Quran. He kept on memorising the Quran and recited it. The ruler of the Islamic Empire, “Abu Bakr” preserved the Quran and ordered to compile it in a handwritten version following the death of Muhammad. This helped in to organise the different scattered fragments of the Quran to be written compiled to facilitate the spread of its divine knowledge and to be used till today. Translation has been done in cases of the Quran while preserving the original Arabic text from the time of its revelation. But still, to understand the rich and poetic Arabic language in its classic form (the form the Quran is written), many Muslims prefer to undergo training to be able to learn their native language. Many do pursue higher education in Arabic so as to understand the original text of the Quran fully.

Course Description

The Quran is used in almost every Islamic ritual. Prayers of Muslims consist of reciting different verses from the Quran. Among the verses, the most important is the first chapter, “Sura” also known as the “al-Fatihah” which means “the opener” in the Arabic language. The chapter finds a relationship with the content of the Christian’s Lord’s Prayer. This opens each unit of prayer and is mostly recited. Ramadan and the Friday Sermon are some of the Muslim festivals where the verses from the Quran are recited.

The Benefits of Memorization schools in School

Memorising power has been an essential part of us. Though one needs to know the basic skill, still it is what you can rely on during exams the most. Not only this, it has this, but it paved the way for better learning and brain development. Some usefulness of memorising are summarised below. o    Information is always in your head. o    Memorization is a way of letting your brain exercise side by mathematics. o    Memorization improves neuroplasticity that is the brain’s ability to change and grow the entire life. o    Memorization is necessary for teaching creativity. o    The brain is trained to remember even complicated things. o    It enhances your capability to learn better in the future. o    It helps students to grow their focusing power. o    Memorization prevents the possibility of cognitive decline. It sharps your brain and helps you live a higher quality of life. Awqaf’s holy Quran memorization centers. Students can now register through the website or App on smartphones and tablets, anything suitable. The training has some promises, perspectives, and goals. Let us dig in some of those: Responsibilities o    It offers religious guidance in the UAE to be able to keep the teachings of Islam. o    Helps to spread Islamic culture and enhance religious awareness. o     It manages and supervises the workings of the mosques. o    Provide an Islamic ruling. o     It organizes Hajj and Umrah affairs. o    It holds conferences, seminars, festivities, and religious contests. o    It prints and gives copies of the Holy Quran. o    It supervises Quran memorization and religious centers. o    Reviews religious publications and DVDs. o    Trains imams and preachers. o    Grants work permits to imams and preachers. o    Grants work permits to religious centers and Hajj and Umrah groups. o    It supervises and invests in religious endowments. o    Helps to promote the tradition of waqf for the benefit of society. Goals o     It creates a religiously informed society able to deal with new challenges. o     It improves mosques and enhances the skills of the staff. o    It facilitates Hajj and Umrah affairs. o    Revives, preserves, and develops the tradition of waqf. o    Establishes a system of policies to regulate the performance of all organizations in charge of Islamic affairs. Principles o    Belongs to the Nation. o    Shows loyalty to the Ruler. o    Result-oriented management. o    Being the First. o    Innovation welcomed. o    Financial returns and investments. o    Continuous learning is the trend.