Find the best Quran teacher in Dubai

quran teacher in dubai

Find the best Quran teacher in Dubai

Do you want to go to an Arab country, but you do not know anything about the language? Do you have an interest in learning about this Semitic culture and language?  Is it difficult to find the best Quran teacher in Dubai? Surely when you are before an Arabic text you realize that you are not able to understand anything: are they drawings? Letters? The writing, the grammar, the pronunciation … everything turns out to be real gibberish! But do not worry; learning to speak Arabic is not impossible, although it will take some effort.

Learn Egyptian Arabic

You can adhere to this quote or not … But it illustrates the idea that learning to read the Koran would preserve the body of the fire.

The Koranic Arabic is literary Arabic as practised in the sacred and liturgical texts of Islam. Thus, learning Koranic Arabic allows access to all Muslim spirituality and forms the recitation of the Koran for a better Islamic formation. Reading old Arabic is not invented. It is for both children and adults and has the vocation of memorization and verse verses of the Koran.


The mosque is the learning place of Tajwid science: this term means the recitation of Holy Qur’an. This practice is explained through the story: When Arab and non-Arab regions extend Islam, many publications were not accustomed to the sonority of Arabic letters.

To protect themselves from a violation of the Muslim religion, they used rules and ways of doing the recitation of the Qur’an that are still applied today and that allows the correct pronunciation of the Qur’an. These rules were called “the science of Tajwid.”

This is complex because a poorly pronounced letter results in its sonority close to another, can change the whole meaning of the phrase – or reverse it.

There are a large number of Quran teacher in Dubai of very different profiles (native Arabs, language students, qualified teachers, teachers of associations or academies, etc.), offering classes at all levels in specialized platforms.

Of course, depending on your initial level, you will need a teacher with higher or lower education. If you want to learn Arabic from scratch, you do not have to hire a native speaker or a teacher with extensive experience, but you will be enough with a language student who can teach you the basics of the language. On the other hand, if you have a more advanced level, the idea is to get in touch with a high-end professional who can help you keep moving forward to master the language well.

The theme of learning Egyptian Arabic course

The Koranic Arabic is a closed form of the ancient classical Arabic, which exists in the liturgical literature of Islam. The purpose of Quran Arabic is to understand the sacred text of the Qur’an.

 You want to learn the Holy Book: okay, but do you already know literary Arabic?

To be able to read and understand the Koran, begin by learning to read the Arabic alphabet. A good teacher of private lessons will know how to design classes adapted to your level and will provide you with the essential tools to progress with a personalized follow-up.

Most of the professors of pages like Superprof describe in their profile their training, professional experience and the type of students to whom they direct their classes.

Description of learning Egyptian Arabic course

Here is what you should do to learn to read literary Arabic:

•    Take your time, because it’s a complicated language

•    Learn the alphabet

•    listen to the news in Arabic

•    Have conversations in Arabic to improve your oral expression

•    Follow Arabic classes online

You may need a year or two of classes to master the reading of literary Arabic, but we understand that it is a crucial stage, a threshold to pass before reading the ancient Koranic Arabic.

To teach the Arabic language to children, parents can choose to:

Classes in private academies: few academies offer Arabic classes for the little ones. In the Official School of Languages, this language is taught, but there is a minimum age.

Private classes of Arabic for children: in this case, the teacher moves to the student’s home. Rates vary depending on the level required. Parents can choose teachers specialized in children to ensure an individualized accompaniment and regular monitoring.

If you want to try an hour of Arabic course with a teacher specialized in children, our teachers offer their first-class hour for free.

Also, it is possible to follow private Arabic lessons from a distance with a computer equipped with a webcam. Parents can also attend the class and support the evolution of their child.

This educational system allows parents to find a native teacher more easily, indeed imbued with Arab culture. In parallel, parents can propose complementary exercises to their children between two private classes to consolidate their knowledge in Arabic.

Objectives and targets of the course

The reasons for learning the Koran are many, and it is not only reserved for religious:

•    Discover the Arabic language and culture

•    Understand Arab civilization through History

•    To be inspired by a vibrant multi secular cultural heritage

•    Read and understand the Holy Quran, called “Book of God.”

•    Confirm religious faith

•    Discover Islam, its precepts and its dogmas

To memorize the Holy Book, the classes of Koranic Arabic will have the double advantage of making you learn Arabic and assimilating the teachings of the Koran at the same time.

With concentrated classes all through the year, you will have to show your capability to learn by heart

An easy Google search permits you to locate numerous structures that recommend Islamic science classes. On the net, you will find a great offer since it also refers to borrowers who are at a distance.

Learn Koranic Arabic in front of the computer: the screen, an open the door to the Islamic world.