learn quran in dubai

learn quran in dubai

learn Quran in Dubai

LEARN QURAN IN DUBAI The Arabic language; a fast-growing language all over the world ranking 5th among the most popular languages of the world is undoubtedly beneficial as it opens up many opportunities in the job sector, business world and a much more soon to be discussed shortly after in brief. It is officially the language of the Arab people who are making milestones in business deals and in general making colossal money and profit in fields ranging from mathematics, technology, literature, finance, marketing, business science, skill development, architecture, etc. Another notable point is that Arabic is the official language for the holy book of Islam “Quran” which is like a book having the direct word of the Allah and daily worshipped by the Islam believers. The theme of the course Almost 90 per cent of the worlds’ Muslims population do not speak in their native language that is Arabic. But when in daily prayers reading the Quran, which is their holy book, they much of practice and make mistakes in the pronunciations. But they do attempt to speak and understand a bit of Arabic. Revelation: the divine disclosure to mankind Apart from the differences in their culture, tradition and racial differences (even being at different places) Muslims forms communities based on faith, humanity, and guidance and believe in Allah, their almighty. The Quran was sent to Mohammad about 14oo years ago, written in the Arabic language. The Arabic language thus provides a connection between the diverse Muslim communities in the world. There is a belief among the Muslims that Prophet Muhammad revealed the Quran over a period estimated to be 23 years by the angel Gabriel, who passed on the words of the God. Muhammad began meditating in a cave outside the holy city of Mecca which dates back nearly 1400 years ago. Soon after he founded Islam and started spreading its teachings using words of the Quran, marking the birth of a new religion. Quran is believed to be the direct sayings of God by people who actively follow the Muslim faith, culture, and tradition. For those who don’t know Arabic, which is the written language of the Quran, translations are being done.

Course Description

Muhammad did not compile the Quran. He kept on memorising the Quran and recited it. The ruler of the Islamic Empire, “Abu Bakr” preserved the Quran and ordered to compile it in a handwritten version following the death of Muhammad. This helped in to organise the different scattered fragments of the Quran to be written composed to facilitate the spread of its divine knowledge and to be used till today. Translation has been done in cases of the Quran while preserving the original Arabic text from the time of its revelation. But still, to understand the rich and poetic Arabic language in its classic form (the form the Quran is written), many Muslims prefer to undergo training to be able to learn their native language. Many do pursue higher education in Arabic so as to understand the original text of the Quran fully. The theme and objective of the course The Quran are used in almost every Islamic ritual. Prayers of Muslims consist of reciting different verses from the Quran. Among the verses, the most important is the first chapter, “Sura” also known as the “al-Fatihah” which means “the opener” in the Arabic language. The chapter finds a relationship with the content of the Christian’s Lord’s Prayer. This opens each unit of prayer and is mostly recited. Ramadan and the Friday Sermon are some of the Muslim festivals where the verses from the Quran are recited. Cultural significance The Quran refuses the representation of individuals such as Prophet Muhammad in religious art. Islamic art is deeply aligned with the calligraphy of the Quran, with many elaborations of Arabic scripts. Even verses from the Quran are produced on buildings, flags and other places as public symbols. Different courses are available to make a beginner learn the Quran and become well versed in the Arabic language. Only learning of the Quran will be irrelevant if not well understood the teachings.

Benefits of taking this course 1.

The first step focuses on helping to build the Quranic Arabic language that helps in making a lasting connection with the Quran. 2. The Quran designs memorisation class for the boys aged between 7 to 16 years. Even women are girls the texts. Private tutors are also available in Dubai. 3. Each class goes on for about 2-3 hours. 4. There is a provision for online Quran learning too. The advantages of online Quran learning are advantageous due to the follows: ● One can learn Quran at any convenient place but within the scheduled hours only. ● It comes with low educational costs compared to that of learning in institutes in Dubai. ● Everyday hard work in reaching your institutes is reduced to zero. One can communicate with different students all over the globe, which adds to your knowledge not only in learning Arabic but many. ● One feature unique to online classes is that parents can what their children are learning and whether the teaching is fruitful or not. ● One needs to submit their projects and documents online and with different interfaces to make the projects look more appealing. ● Also, online learning does have a good advantage, that if one teacher is absent, then there are many other teachers available for you to continue your course. ● It also does teach a lot about online stuff automatically because one needs to be improving in online skills that complete one’s knowledge about online work processes. ● Many women and girls feel safe, sitting at home and learning the Quran. 5. Learning Quran comes with learning Arabic, which is now beneficial in making deals with the business world trendsetters, the Arabs. It would aid one’s communication with the Arab world and help in understanding their techniques. Also, this opens quality job careers in Arab. 6. Also, it is good to learn a different language. Learning Arabic directly helps in understanding the languages of many countries because Arabic is the official language of many Arabic countries. Also, it has similarities with a lot of languages of the world, beneficial to expand one’s linguistic powers.