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Studying Arabic is a great project since this language is one of the most difficult to learn. But, quiet, there are many preconceptions about the Arabic language. It is true that when you have an essential culture learning Arabic is not as easy as learning French, Italian or English. But if you are determined and motivated, you will achieve it. Keep in mind that the classes you receive will surely be cultured Arabic that is, an Arabic that is understood in all Arabic-speaking countries (unlike dialectal Arabic, which is specific to each Arab country). In this course, you learn about the different ways of determining the Quran for beginners.

The Theme of The Course

Is the registration period to start in Arabic closed in the mosque of your city or the linguistic institutes? Especially that you will have to wait for the next academic year to finally begin with Arabic. And why do not you go on your own to learn the language? A foolish challenge if you think about it, but is it impossible? Recently, we wondered how much time is needed to learn Arabic. Now we are going to be interested in autonomous learning. We are not here to lie: studying Arabic on your own will be more difficult. Even more, if your culture is mostly French and that parts of 0 or almost. But who says hard does not mean impossible.

Course Description

1. Learn the alphabet first of all If we had to choose a rule to remember before the others, it would be this. Starting to learn Arabic, is also abandoning an alphabet that you have used all your life. Here, the learning of this new language is accompanied by a new alphabet. The beginning of everything: the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation! Learning Arabic is only equivalent to assimilating the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. We speak then of literacy. Also, you will need to memorize the pronunciation of its different letters. The visual memory, as well as the auditory memory, will be requested to achieve it. Finally, it is also important for you to know that each letter includes three forms according to their place in the phrase: beginning, middle, and end. 2. Forget the other language grammar You who have always thought in English, you will have to assimilate a notion in your learning of Arabic quickly: stop thinking in English. This is true for any new language we discover. The Arab does not escape this fact: to learn Arabic, alone or not, is, first of all, to start thinking in Arabic. 3. Make chips Another strategy that you can apply when you learn Arabic on your own: get chips. To register the new alphabet to start. But, beyond that, the cards will allow you to accumulate vocabulary. We invite you to do the following: write several vocabulary cards, each one according to a specific theme. The Theme of Taking Egyptian Arabic Course 1. Contact Arabic speakers The suffering was over to find a contact with whom to speak Arabic. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, French students can maintain a friendship at a distance with Arabic speakers. To learn the official language of 26 states, all people of any age have the opportunity to discover a new culture and learn more about the Arabic dialects. Speaking in the distance with an Arabic speaker allows you to improve your conversational skills and your notions of Arabic grammar thanks to a lucid linguistic exchange without any headaches. That is the real Arab!: you will hear and begin to understand the language of the natives: slang and idiomatic expressions. Several platforms propose linguistic exchanges between Arab-speakers and Spanish-speakers. •    Swap sap •    Students of the World. •    Penal-Gate •    Verbling. •    Italki. Description of learning Egyptian Arabic course By learning Arabic by yourself, you will not have anyone correcting your mistakes. Hence the need for class materials for beginners. But not only that: now that we are in the era of Web 2.0, there is everything on the Internet, including everything necessary to learn the Arabic language. •  Watch videos and tutorials for beginners on the Internet (YouTube, Daily Motion, Assail Method, web pages, etc.) •  Make a cultural immersion in an Arab country, but keep in mind that to advance in the oral expression; you have to know the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation. With the Arabic classes at home for beginners, you will benefit from personalized and constant attention, with regular tests to evaluate your knowledge, and the teacher will adapt to your objectives and your level. You will soon progress in the pronunciation, in the reading of the alphabet, in writing, in the grammar and to learn more and more words of the Arabic vocabulary to be able to understand any text in Arabic. With group classes, you can progress more quickly and, also, establish a social bond and improve your oral expression, the conjugation of verbs and pronunciation, with the company of other students. Objectives and targets of the course The course is meant for students to be able to create bright and vibrant urban photos.  Now, you write your learning goal using the action verb + keyword + desired behaviour. The action verb should show the knowledge expected of the students. •  The student will be able to demonstrate (action verb) his understanding of the ten rules of composition (keyword) by taking ten urban photos that incorporate those rules (behaviour). •  It is not always necessary to start writing your objectives using the action verb. It can also be initiated by mentioning the behavioural part: •  Through the use of appropriate theoretical information (behaviour), the student will be able to analyze (action verb) portrait photos and urban landscape (keywords) taken by their classmates. •  After learning Quran person come to aware of Muslim culture.