Quran For Learning

Quran for learning

Quran For Learning

It is to be said that before you can read the Quran, you must learn it. The word Quran is originated from the Latin word “qara’a,” which implies “he read”. Every verse of the Quran has its historical value, and some of its major themes are also found in the biblical scripture. Though these chapters are no to be found in chronological order and simultaneously creating a problem for the readers to understand the message hidden behind this writing. Thus to read and understand the text, one must learn it from the very beginning before embarking on the journey of learning the Quran, one must understand a few of the things:

  • Introduction of Islam.
  • Top introduction books about Islam
  • Beliefs and teaching of Islam.

Learn Quran Online

It is easy for beginners to learn Quran at the comfort of their home. No matter the age if you want to learn Quran embark on the journey of learning the Quran on your easy and busy schedule, take out some time. There are various online programs opened, for example, Tarteele Quran. You can join this program and commence your classes of essential learning. Teachers are patient and understanding thus in just a few months if would have grasped the concept of critical reading. The English and Urdu language mixed method of teaching make it easier for others to learn. By creating an online account, you can have access to learning portals and the foundation of the Quran.

Choosing A Good Quran Translation

The original Quran has been written in the Arabic language if you don’t understand the Arabic language than you can obtain a translation, which could be the best interpretation of the Arabic language. Translation also varies in style, so read accordingly.

Choose Quran Commentary And Companion Book

As an accompanying guide, you must carry an interpretation or commentary as a referring text. While an English translation it may contain extra footnote but a passage needs to have a lengthy explanation to understand. The varieties of this good commentary books are to be found either in a book store or online retailer shop.

Ask Question While Learning

When you are learning or reading Quran pay attention to every word so that you may not miss the meaning. Asking question while reading the Quran could be said a Quran could be noted as an excellent method of learning it as you will not just blindly believe but also will grasp the concept. Any teacher or a knowledgeable Muslim will be happy to answer your question if asked in a sincere interest. So, it could be said another effective method of learning the Quran.

Continues Learning

If you ask, is there any specific age of learning? Or is there any limit to learning? Then the answer to this question will be no. And Islam is also the same the process of learning Islam is never complete. Coming across various topics to study could be considered common. Seek knowledge to seek wisdom; there is no limit to any of those things. You can join us here.


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